Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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98% of reviewers would recommend it

Another excellent greenworks product
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The toilet is one of the least fun places to clean. Until this product came along I just had to buy a new toilet every 6 months, now I just spruce up the old one. Thanks for slashing my bathroom maintenance budget!

I like this toilet bowl cleaner
Average overall rating

I like the fact that this toilet bowl cleaner is safe for the environment. I use it almost 1-2X a week. It is worth the price because it is very efficient and smells good too.

Easy-Peasy Directions

  • 1

    Squirt a small amount into the toilet and under the toilet rim, coating the area to be cleaned.

  • 2

    Wait several minutes.

  • 3

    If needed, scrub with toilet brush.

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Our Ingredients

Where clean meets green

You only want what's best for your family — and we do, too. that's why our all-purpose cleaner is made from high-quality ingredients and is at least 97% naturally derived.

alkyl polyglucoside
The top-secret cleaning ingredient inside our products? Believe it or not, it comes from plants. This plant-based cleaning agent is great at dissolving and removing dirt, oil and grease.
citric acid
Ever wonder why hard water doesn’t lather well? It’s the minerals! This corn-based ingredient reduces minerals to soften hard water and help our naturally derived cleaning ingredients work harder.
Like any natural ingredient, natural dyes do have a shelf life. That’s why we add a very small amount of synthetic colorant (less than 0.1%) to our products for a bit of color.
fragrance with essential oils
Natural fragrances can go bad over time, which is why our products contain synthetic fragrances with oils extracted from plants that leave behind a clean, fresh scent.
lactic acid
The main culprit behind those pesky rings in your toilet bowl? Hard water. This corn-based compound softens hard water, which helps our cleaning ingredients work more effectively for a toilet that’s absolutely spotless.
xanthan gum
This plant-based thickener increases product viscosity, which means that our toilet bowl cleaner will cling to stains instead of running down the sides.