Compostable Cleaning Wipes

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This is one that the entire family can get behind.

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I love that I'm not spreading around harmful chemicals but I still get a great cleaning product that works.

Easy-Peasy Directions

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    Pull out wipe from center of roll. The next sheet pops up automatically.

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    Wipe surface clean

  • 3

    Let air dry.

Our Ingredients

Where clean meets green

You only want what's best for your family — and we do, too. that's why our all-purpose cleaner is made from high-quality ingredients and is at least 97% naturally derived.

natural fibers
Our wipes are made from 100% wood-based fibers, which makes them compostable in municipal composting facilities.
Like anything that’s natural, the naturally derived ingredients in our products can go bad over time. That’s why we add a small amount of preservative (less than 0.5%) to keep our products fresh and effective.
silicone antifoaming agent
Bubbles are great when you’re doing the dishes, but not so helpful when you’re pretreating a stain or wiping up a sticky spill. That’s why a couple of our products contain an antifoaming agent that prevents streaks and unwanted residue.
Our cleaning wipes are made from 100% wood-based fibers, which is also what makes them compostable. Just throw them in the green bin when you’re done!