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Being a mentor for your daughter isn’t just easy; it can be a lot of fun. Set aside some time, follow the steps in one of the activities and show her you support her interest in science.

rainbow milk rainbow milk

There’s more to milk than meets the eye.
Watch as a simple chemical reaction creates in a colorful surprise.

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magic pepper magic pepper

One of the most fun parts of science is how it can sometimes seem like magic. Try this activity out and you’ll definitely see what we mean!

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elephant toothpaste elephant toothpaste

How does an elephant brush its teeth? Don’t be silly, elephants don’t brush their teeth. But if they did, it might as well be with this crazy concoction!

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jumbo bubbles jumbo bubbles

Science isn’t just for serious stuff. Sometimes it’s all fun and games — like making huge bubbles, and if you practice, maybe even a bubble dome!

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fizzy foam fizzy foam

Nothing makes you feel more like a real scientist than a boisterous chemical reaction. Go ahead, mix it up and see what happens!

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Ready for more?

The fun has just begun. Discover more science-y goodness on our Pinterest page!

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Supporting girls in science is more than just something we believe in. It’s at the core of who we are. The Green Works brand was founded by a Clorox scientist named Maria Ochomogo. Maria was inspired by her daughter – an environmental biologist – to develop a powerful naturally derived cleaner, and in 2008 Green Works was born.

Maria Ochomogo
green works founding scientist

Make a difference

We’ve collaborated with the American Association of University Women to help provide girls with opportunities to explore their scientific curiosity and connect with female role models. Learn more about how you can help keep our girls passionate about the sciences.

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