design for the envronment

Design for the Environment

Design for the Environment (DfE) is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) partnership program that’s designed to promote green chemistry and protect the health of your family and our environment.

What’s in a Logo?

Household and commercial products, including cleaners and detergents, that carry the DfE logo have been tested to meet stringent criteria for human and environmental health. And according to the EPA, using these products can protect your family’s health and the environment.

Signed and Sealed

We’re proud to announce that all Green Works® products are recognized by the DfE. Just look for the DfE’s Recognized for Safer Chemistry seal on the back label!

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EPA/DfE recognition does not constitute endorsement of the Partnership Products; the recognition signifies that the formulas for these products, as Clorox has represented them to the Agency, contain ingredients that benefit human health and the environment.